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Hi, my name's Rob.

I'm a vector illustrator, information designer and visual storyteller.

Over the years I have refined my communication style to produce bold, direct and clean content with a high visual economy.

I'm interested in creating the perfect line, angle and shape to convey the idea. My method is the complete opposite of 'sketchy'.

I have worked with many well known brands, companies, agencies, and organisations.

Everything on this site is by me.


I'm inspired by German Expressionism and mid-20th Century illustration.

Wherever possible I've tried to build on that visual language and not simply appropriate it.

Unlike many illustrators I don't work from photographs or scanned drawings. I work entirely digitally using vector software that allows me iterate over and over again until I have exactly the right lines and shapes to suggest the emotion and ideas I want.

Tube Posters

Over the last ten years I'm happy to say I've probably designed and illustrated more London Underground posters than any other single artist.

In 2013 TfL asked me to interpret the 'Know Your Travel Options' campaign which depicted commuters with tube stops for heads. The brief was a challenging one; to show personality and charm where traditional facial expression was impossible...

Over time the artwork moved to even greater graphic simplicity, culminating in the 'open sign' I designed to encourage passengers back to the service following improvements to the Gospel Oak to Barking section.

In 2015 I updated the iconic 'Discover London above the Piccadilly line' poster that appears in Piccadilly line trains, replacing the realist, perspective painting with a bold graphical vector illustration.

The hybrid style, mixing three dimensional elements with flat characters has been very popular and gone on to influence other TfL collateral. I re-visited the style for the Tenth Anniversary poster for the Overground in 2017.

If you find yourself on Westminster Bridge, you can drop down onto the pier and see the large mural I designed for River Services showing the places of interest along the Thames accessible by boat, from Hampton Court Palace to the Cutty Sark at Greenwich.

Borough of Culture

In 2022 I partnered with Lewisham Local Authority to celebrate it being awarded 'Borough of Culture' status by the Mayor of London.

I created three detailed 'cultural maps' to celebrate the incredible history of the borough and its inhabitants; from fighting for women's representation in Parliament, to confronting fascism on the streets and creating some of the most influential and popular music of recent times.

This was a project close to heart as I was born in Greenwich and grew up in the borough, even experiencing first hand some of the events depicted.